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Category: Green Initiatives

Earth Day

The Capital Federal Park at Sandstone and dozens of other sponsors
teamed up with Bridging The Gap at their 13th Annual Earth Walk /
Earth Fest in Kansas City's scenic Theis Park on May 9th, 2009.

Earth Day in America is a celebration of the achievements of the
environmental movement's 30 years and the challenges that remain:
Black smoke may no longer pour from city stacks, nor sludge foul our
riversides, but less visible forces such as climate change and
population growth still mark the distance between present-day America
and a sustainable society.

It is that very reason for which Bridging the Gap demonstrates how
such a growing global problem can be simplified by solutions
implemented on a individual level. Suitably, the focus of this year's
festival was five specific actions that everyone in Kansas City can do
to reduce CO2 emissions and clean up our community:

1) Give up bottled water
2) Wash your laundry in cold water
3) Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs
4) Set your thermostat to 68 degrees in winter; 78 degrees in summer
5) Cut your gasoline use by one quarter

Making these changes will reduce a household's emissions by at least
4,000 pounds, that's over 15 percent! As if that wasn't motivation
enough, participants at this year's Earth Fest had a chance to win
free tickets to upcoming concerts throughout the metro area by
reciting a pledge of dedication to these five green things. The
Capital Federal Park at Sandstone thanks local promoters and partners,
Mammoth Live and Up To Eleven, for their generous support and the free
ticket giveaways!

Joined by a new accumulation of knowledge and tools of change, there
was a ubiquitous sense of community amongst attendees; the comradeship
was palpable. In the end, proving that Kansas City truly is a socially
and environmentally responsible community that encourages coming
together to work towards common goals to benefit the planet.

The achievements of both the Capital Federal Park at Sandstone's Green
Initiatives and Bridging the Gap's Earth Walk / Earth Fest demonstrate
that global climate change can be supplemented by meaningful
improvements in education and technology. We strongly believe that
the environmentalist majority has a fighting chance at success!

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Cap Fed Park Nationally Honored

When fans walk into Capitol Federal Park @ Sandstone they are already part of a green movement just by attending a concert. Sandstone's vision is to create a place where the fan is at the center of an improved social, recreational and environmental space. In 2008, Sandstone was selected for the Best of Bonner Springs Award in the Stadiums Arenas & Athletic Fields category by the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA), because of the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community.

USLBA is a Washington D.C. based organization funded by local businesses operating in towns, large and small, across America. USLBA's mission is to be an advocate for small and medium size businesses and business entrepreneurs across America.

Capitol Federal Park @ Sandstone takes pride in their many initiatives to make positive changes for our community and environment.

With the support of local businesses, the green team and the fans, our Green Initiatives were successful in 2008 and will continue for many seasons to come.


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Sort Trash by Hand….What?

There are not many individuals that would sort through concert trash by hand for money, far less to support Cap Fed Park's green initiatives and their environment. However we have just the team. Cap Fed Park @ Sandstone takes recycling seriously, by facilitating the sorting of over two tons of trash at each event.

If you have attended a show at Cap Fed Park, you may have seen our green team in the parking lot in their golf cart, but didn't really know why. After they remove trash from trashcans in the parking lot it is taken to our sorting area behind the scenes where our green team dumps the trash onto their sorting tables. With gloves on their hands and smiles on their faces, the green team carefully sorts through every ounce of trash. If it can be recycled it is placed in our recycling dumpsters and if it is not recyclable or it is compostable it is placed in the trash dumpsters.

Once the parking lots are clear, the green team begins to collect the trash from our clean-up crew inside the venue, sorting one rolling trashcan and Budwieser recycling bin at a time. The green team will work from the start of the show to the end of the night when all the trash is accounted for. The following day our trash removal service takes the recyclables to their recycling facility. The green team is proud that over a ton of trash will be recycled instead of ending up in the landfill.

However not everything sent to the landfill is bad for the environment. Our concessionaire Heart of America Food Service purchases items that are corn based and under certain temperatures will dissolve in 45-60 days. Their cups, forks and spoons are all corn based and when purchasing items, in all circumstances possible they purchase items that are recyclable.

Cap Fed Park @ Sandstone is so thankful for the Green Team and their dedication to our green initiatives. Because of their hard work, Cap Fed Park was nominated for the Bridging The Gap Environmental Excellence Award for Businesses in 2008. Thank you green team and fans for your role as individuals helping to promote the interconnectedness of the environment, economy and community.


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Photo by Paul Chokota

It was a beautiful Friday night for the Jack Johnson, Rogue Wave, and Neil Halstead show at Capitol Federal Park @ Sandstone. Neil Halstead opened the show with songs from his record Oh! Mighty Engine. Rogue Wave, label mates of Halstead and Jack Johnson, performed next.

Photo by Paul Chokota

All the way from the UK, Neil Halstead

Photo by Paul Chokota

Rogue Wave, the California Quintuplet played next.

Photo by Paul Chokota

Jack Johnson performs to a sold out crowd at Capitol Federal Park

Johnson also brought along his Green Village which consisted of a series of tents with information about green living, organizations and ways to get involved. Cap Fed Park couldn't have been happier with the turn out of green supporters and volunteers.


Volunteers gather to help sort recyclables at Capitol Federal Park @ Sandstone

Photo By Paul Chokota

Good vibes on the lawn at Capitol Federal Park on Friday August 15th.

Photo by Paul Chokota

As expected, the Jack Johnson show had a great and positive atmosphere paired with beautiful weather. It was a fantastic way to wind down summer.

All Photos By Paul Chokota

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Five Green Things: Green Button Campaign

Green Button

Are You Ready to Make Changes for a Greener World? Sandstone Amphitheater is partnering with Bridging the Gap to promote the Five Green Things campaign. Bridging The Gap has chosen five specific actions that everyone in Kansas City can do to reduce CO2 emissions and clean up our community. Making these changes will reduce your household's emissions by at least 4,000 pounds — that's over 15 percent!1) Give up bottled water: Average household reduction of CO2 emissions: 216 pounds a year2) Wash your laundry in cold water: Average household reduction of CO2 emissions: 327 pounds a year3) Switch to compact fluorescent lightbulbs: Average household reduction of CO2 emissions: 566 pounds a year4) Set thermostat at 68° in winter, 78° in summer: Average household reduction of CO2 emissions: 553 pounds a year5) Cut your gasoline use by one quarter: Average single car reduction of CO2 emissions: 2500 pounds a yearVisit the Bridging the Gap website to learn more about the campaign and to register we will track your progress, give you information to help you make these changes, and give you more actions to take when you're ready.

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(Green)Town: A Greensburg, Ks Benefit in KC

GreenTown Greensburg BenefitAIGA GREEN SALON presents (Green)Town, a benefit for the green reconstruction of Greensburg, Kansas. Simran Sethi, host of the Sundance Channel, "The Green" will moderate a panel on the green redesign of tornado devastated Greensburg, KS. The discussion will feature BNIM Architects' planner Stephen Hardy and Greentown director Daniel Wallach sharing how design can positively affect a whole city. The Sundance Channel will also screen segments from their "The Good Fight" Series. Tickets can be purchased in advance from the AIGA at the Kansas City Chapter's website.WHEN:Thursday, April 17thCocktail Reception: 5:30-6:30 PMPanel Discussion: 6:30-8 PMWHERE:Scarritt Building Ballroom818 Grand Blvd.Kansas City, Mo 64106ADMISSION: $15 (pre-pay with Pay-pal)All proceeds benefit Greentown, Greensburg, KS


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2008 Kansas City EarthWalk & EarthFest

Kansas City EarthFestTo celebrate Earth Day, Sandstone Amphitheater is participating in the 2008 Kansas City EarthFest and EarthWalk. These events are organized by Bridging the Gap, a local organization that works to make the Kansas City region sustainable by connecting environment, economy and communities. This year's event is scheduled for Saturday April 19th, from 10am-2pm at Shawnee Mission Park. By walking and raising money for the Kansas City EarthWalk, you directly support environmental education and awareness in Kansas City. The EarthWalk benefits Bridging The Gap, a Kansas City-based environmental not-for-profit organization. Download the flyer and help spread the word about this year's events!

Bridging The Gap works to make the Kansas City region sustainable by connecting environment, economy and communities. To learn more about the 2008 EarthFest, EarthWalk, and Bridging the Gap, visit www.EarthDayKC.com.


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